Compare K Seal VS Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer in 2023

K Seal and Blue Devil head gasket sealers are some of the best sealants available in the market. In this article, we are going to do a comparison between blue devil vs k seal to examine their compatibility.

Compare K Seal VS Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer in 2023
Compare K Seal VS Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer in 2023
K Seal Head Gasket SealerBlue Devil Head Gasket Sealer
K seal head gasket sealer is the best value sealant that is affordable and known to solve common problems in the radiator. This Blue Head Gasket Sealer is compatible to permanently seal the blow head gasket in all types of engines. It is an ASTM Standardized product, safe and easy to use.
This product can use for several different purposes to solve leakage problems like engine block, heater core, freeze plugs, water pump casing, cooling system metal components, etc. It provides permanent issue fixes.Blue devil head gasket sealer is also a professional standard sealant used multi purposely for heater core, freeze plugs, cracked heads, etc. And it also provides permanent issue fixes.
This head gasket sealer is compatible with diesel engines and water-cooled gas systems of any vehicle like cars, agricultural machinery, bikes, trucks, commercial vehicles, etc. Blue devil head gasket sealer is compatible with all diesel and gasoline engines or water-cooled systems.
The formula used in this head gasket sealer manufactures with microfibre nanotechnology to seal cracks and leakages effectively.This sealant can make strong bonds with any material such as aluminum, plastic, iron, etc.
It does not require any special skills to use this head gasket, and the sealant comes into effect within three minutes after applying. The only disadvantage with this product is that it starts blocking tubes and passes solid material after some time. For this reason, it requires to replace often. It started working after 1-2 hours of apply.
This K seal sealant is compatible with only minor damages. It is an affordable choice for slight damages. If you are dealing with severe damage, try any different head gasket sealer, or the best way is to replace it.It also resolves internal issues of the engine for mileage increase. It is compatible with mild damages also.

What are the Main Differences Between K Seal vs Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer?

Following are the main differences between K Seal vs Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer.

K Seal Head Gasket SealerBlue Devil Head Gasket Sealer
K seal head gasket sealer can also use for problems related to the radiator core of copper, aluminum, or bronze.This head gasket sealer cannot use for the radiator core.
It can work with up to 12 cylinders from an 8-ounce container.It can work efficiently with any number of cylinders.
This K Seal head gasket sealer has a unique functionality compatible with any antifreeze and shows fast results. This feature leads to its direct application without any need for flushing coolant systems. For using a blue devil head gasket sealer, it needs to flush the coolant system. For this purpose, you require a comparable flushing agent. Not only this, you need to flush the course one more time with water before applying the Blue devil head gasket sealer.


The best way of repairing a head gasket is to replace it with a new one. It generally recommends if your cylinder head gasket has severe issues. But with minimal cracking and other smaller problems such as freeze plug, water pump casing, etc., it is a safe and cost-effective choice to use a head gasket sealer.

k-seal pour n go vs blue devil pour n go Head gasket sealers are the two well-known sealers available in the market. In this article, we compare these two best head gasket sealers to examine their compatibility.


  1. I put two bottles of Blu decal in my Dodge truck it is getting warmer in the oil and it did not fix it so I put some kseal in it after I cleaned and flushed it out and it fixed it really fast and I drove it for a year and sold it to a man I now and told him and he is still driving it so that’s pretty dam good I am a sponcers for car sponcers

  2. I was told that blue decal was the best I found out my self the hard way and it cost me .to find out who was the best that’s my PROFF thank you K SEAL..NOW I JUST BOUGHT A 04 DODGE DERANGO WITH A V8. 5.7. HIMIE.GUSS WHAT IM GOING TO USE.I DONT HAVE MUCH MONEY.BIT EHEN I GET SOME IT WILL BE. KSEAL

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