Top Head Gasket Sealer Brands With Our Ratings in 2023

Head Gasket Sealer Brands:- When your car is new, you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, when you’ve got quite a few miles (75,000 or more) on your automobile, it’s another story. At that stage, it’s likely to start giving trouble. This is when you need to be vigilant of any warning signs your car may show, and do timely repairs.

Head Gasket Sealers Brands

Head Gasket failure is one such trouble your car may show early warning signs of. It’s better to fix the issue before things get worse. You definitely don’t want to end up with a hooptie parked on your driveway!

All Head Gasket Sealer Brands With Our Ratings

Brand NameOur Ratings
Steel Seal 4.5 / 5
Blue Devil5.0 / 5
K&W FiberLock4.0 / 5
K-Seal4.5 / 5
Bar’s Leaks4.5 / 5
ATP AT-2054.0 / 5
Permatex4.5 / 5
Detoti Auto parts5.0 / 5

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List Top Head Gasket Sealer Brands

1 Steel Seal Blown Head Gasket

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Editors Choice For Best Head Gasket Sealer

1 Steel Seal Blown Head Gasket Fix Repair Sealer

Number one on our list is this ‘Steel Seal’ product that comes in a packing of 2 bottles. It’s perfect for fixing blown head gasket symptoms, which include white smoke, engine overheating, external leaks, and contaminated oil. It’s easy to use and works best for 8-cylinder petrol or diesel cars. What sets it apart is that it’s an effective multi-use sealant; solving issues with heater core and freeze plugs, besides head gasket leaks.

2 Bar’s Leak HG-1

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Our Pick For Most Versatile Head Gasket Sealer Brand

Bar's Leak HG-1

Manufactured in the United States, this sealer is of the highest US quality standards. It works well for all kinds of leaks, especially the minor ones. What makes it so versatile is its ability to be used in multiple applications; including in engines ranging from turbochargers to those with several cylinders. As a bonus, it’s also antifreeze compatible.

3 Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer

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Our Pick For Most Reputable Brand

Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer

The phrase ” big things come in small packages” holds true for this high-ranked brand on our list. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not referring to the package size! This product is authentic, inexpensive, and delivers a long-term permanent seal. Although inexpensive, it fixes the damaged head gasket like no other. Its compliance with ASTM standards, and the fact BlueDevil as a company have been in the business for a very long time set it apart.

4 K&W Permanent Repair

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Our Pick For Most Scientific Product

K&W Permanent Repair

The K&W Permanent repair head gasket sealer is scientifically developed with nanotechnology, for long-lasting and permanent results. Due to its power-punch ingredients, the sealer works well with cars, buses, and trucks. Nanoparticles fill cracks and crevices that most other head gasket repair products can’t. Thus, it offers a more permanent fix.

5 K-Seal HD

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Our Pick For Brand With Most Friendly Price Tag

K-Seal HD

K-Seal makes sealers that are a great long-term fix for car leaks. K-Seal HD is a perfect example of the brand’s value proposition. What sets it apart from the crowd of competitors is, it mixes quite well with antifreeze. Also, it works well with both old as well as new car models. Moreover, it eliminates the need for engine flushing and draining, saving you time. Finally, most K-Seal reviews agree that it’s light on the pocket. You can’t go wrong with such a great deal!

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6 Bar’s Leaks 1111

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Bar's Leaks 1111

Moving on, the Bar’s Leaks 1111 is no less popular, the world over, than the others that made the cut. It effectively and efficiently seals head gasket leaks, saving you time and money. It’s easy-to-use and composed of sodium silicate sealing liquid (making it antifreeze-compatible) and various gasket-sealing particles. It’s a safe product with long term results. While inferior products have particles that damage the vehicle’s engine during treatment, this one, like all our top 10 picks, is far from being that.

7 ATP AT-205

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ATP AT-205

The ATP AT-205 is another sealant product that is a godsend. This product is non-toxic and free from petroleum distillates. It fixes minor leaks, in as little as merely five hours, without having you shell out top dollars necessary for car repairs. The question arises, “Why is such a great product, with over 2 million bottles sold, at the 7th position of this elite list?” The straightforward answer is, “it will work well for minor leaks only”. So if the head gasket is completely blown, this product will not be right for the situation. Choose it only if you’re dealing with minor leaks.

8 K&W FiberLock

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K&W FiberLock

The K&W FiberLock is another little yet big wonder! It’s engineered with sodium silicate strengthened with proprietary fibers (military-strength). It forms an interlocked web-like weave over the crack or fault, creating a multi-layered permanent fix. Moreover, it uses nanotechnology to reach minuscule cracks and crevices. It also fixes coolant leaks, freeze plugs, cylinder head issues, and engine blocks. Further, it fixes large holes with less fluid intake compared to competitor products.

9 Permatex 80062 Gasket Sealant

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Permatex 80062 Gasket Sealant

Next on our list is a multipurpose fast-drying sealant. The Permatex 80062 Gasket Sealant works at a temperature range of 500 degrees Fahrenheit to -65 degrees Fahrenheit. This robust product is dry and made with a blend of resin and elastomers. It is one of the lowest-priced products and comes in a small quantity. Once applied to the gasket surface, the ‘High Tack’ silicone adhesive bonds to a tacky non-slippery and non-brittle form. Follow the product’s enclosed instruction manual properly, and get that long-term fix you can expect from such a great product.

10 BlueDevil Pour-N-Go Sealer

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BlueDevil Pour-N-Go Sealer

Last but not least, yet another BlueDevil product has made it to our recommended list. The Blue Devil Pour-N-Go Sealer does a great leak fix, quickly, and cheaply. Most times, it works on the first attempt. Living by the company’s quality ethos, this Blue Devil product is a relatively permanent fix. It gives your car several months to a few years in added life. Now, in less than $30, you can fix your head gasket. The product forms a permanent fix on leaking gaskets and also on radiators, heater cores, and freeze plugs. All this without the need to flush or remove the thermostat.

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